Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello, When I have a new painting for sale, I will post it and the EBay auction number here as well as post a jpg.

Please take advantage of the RSS feed, so if you are interested when a new painting is available you will be notified right away.


robert said...

hi craig,

would be great to have another chance to get a piece of you're art.

any thinking about selling digital artwork too ?

robert s.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

Any eta on a painting, I'm really looking foward...

I know it's a long shot, but what would it take and cost to get the painting you did of Wash. D.C. inspired by Fallout3? =)

Mikkel Bech Diemer

Craig Mullins said...

Hi Robert,

The paint is still drying on the next one:) Really, I tried to take photos of it and it looks terrible. Scanning works quite a bit better.

As far as selling digital artwork, how to do that? Prints? They look so awful, I feel bad trying to sell them.

Craig Mullins said...

Hi Mikkel,

That is a digital painting. Did you see that Al-Qaeda liked it better than the fallout fans? I guess it does illustrate their plans better than the fallout universe.

As far as selling it, I am not sure how that is done, like I said to Robert. I have not seen a print that is close to acceptable.

robert said...

i really hope the paint did not smear when you where scanning it!

about that medium that you could ship digital art - that is some kind of a tricky question. one way could be using one of those digital-pictureframes ?
seriously, there got to be a way, and selling prints is not the worst, maybe you do a touch-up on the print so you feel a bit better.

iam not into this. maybe someone else can make a better suggestion?

daniel said...

Ahh I can't wait to see what you're putting up, Mr. Mullins. I would love to buy a print or even an original! I'm sure a lot of my friends would be excited to hear this as well!

James said...

Hi Craig,

There are some excellent printers out there that would do justice to your digital work. I would be more than willing to find a few for you, if it would be a serious consideration of yours. I am a huge fan and would love digital prints of some of your work.

Hernán Cañellas said...

Hello Craig, takes the photographies at the light of the Sun directly on the painting.

ToastyKen said...

Hi, Craig. I've appreciated your work for years. I just moved into a new apt, and it reminded me of how much I would love to have a print of your work on my empty walls.

I've always assumed that you don't sell prints because it doesn't make business sense or something. I'm surprised to hear that it's the quality you're concerned about. I've bought a print from this artist before: It looks great (and that page lists his printing equipment info).

And besides, I know I would much prefer a slightly less-than-perfect print of your work than none at all! I understand if you feel differently, though.

Here's hoping you're able to find a good print lab at some point so I can finally adorn my walls with some of my favorite digital paintings of yours!